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Valuable Advice: The Watermelon Seed

watermelon Here is a story you want to get right.

Nearly twenty years ago, I first asked a client, "Which would you rather swallow, a watermelon or a watermelon seed?" It's an absurd question, but it effectively illustrates how positioning works. The watermelon is a concept that takes a lot of words and effort to be understood. The watermelon seed is an idea that has obvious meaning to most people. To reach more people most easily, your brand should be a watermelon seed.

The Valuable Advice: Put the proper effort in to the ideas behind your brand. Know the difference between a catchy slogan and a market position that works. Listen to experts with experience in branding and positioning.

Ever since that time, the watermelon seed analogy has been a classic lesson we teach at Dog Star Media about positioning. It helps us focus the client on what is important in how to connect their specific message to broad concepts most people understand already. Positioning is the central idea behind branding and marketing communications, and your market position must be clear, or your brand balloons with words and layers of explanations into a full-sized watermelon. And guess what… people won't swallow that easily.

The key to positioning is finding language and ideas that are broadly understood, then associating your brand with those concepts. This is one of the great undervalued creative services offered by expert marketing and advertising companies for two reasons.(And, wow, are these traps to avoid.)

1) Most people think they can write a catchy slogan on their own and that becomes their branding language.

2) Most people can't get past their own perception or paradigm in evaluating creative work.If they don't get it or they don't like it, they assume everyone else won't either.

At Dog Star Media, we have a process that helps your business distill and define a broadly-understood concept that connects to the value. That effort creates a market position. With a market position defined, all creative application… the creative work for ads, for Content Marketing and for ways you describe your service for first impressions… flows from that market position.

If you want to take our advice and learn more about positioning and how it works with branding, please contact us here.

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