Search Engine Optimization

Imagine great search engine optimization results AND a great experience with a team dedicated to explaining what they are doing and why it is important.  We take the mystery out of SEO; it’s the opposite of the SEO experience you’ve had in the past.

Many web site and technology companies offer search engine optimization services, and most of those services are effective.  Yet among small businesses, SEO services remain the most misunderstood and, thus, the most frustrating Internet marketing services.  In fact, most SEO companies that get fired are doing good work.  What most web site and technology companies do not do well is communicate the steps and the value of the work to clients.

We have a structured SEO program that touches all bases in optimizing your web site.  As we conduct the program, we document each month’s work, explaining to you how it is important.  In a monthly meeting with you, we make sure you understand why each step is important.  The overall experience is effective in optimizing your site for searches and it makes you a better business owner by demystifying what’s really important in how web marketing works.

Most SEO clients want us to host and manage their web sites.  That conversation starts by reviewing all the best practices for web site hosting and maintenance.  If you are interested in our free Best Practices for Web Site Maintenance guide, please click here to request a copy.

Ask about our SEO program if you want the following:

  • Better search engine listings
  • More organic search traffic
  • An SEO team who talks to you and communicates well with you.

What Clients Say...

“Our practice has trusted Dog Star Media with our SEO, social media and website needs for more than a decade. We have appreciated Dog Star's personalized service and deep understanding of our practice which has resulted in a website that yields high performance, beautiful aesthetics and best of all results! Donald, his team, and their vast knowledge of our industry makes Dog Star Media one of the great secrets to our success.”