An Elegant Approach

In our Boutique Service, we focus on the three principles behind successful practice marketing.  Our Content Marketing Service drives Audience Development, initiates hundreds of Customer Journeys each month and focuses you on Conversion.  This elegant equation forms a long-term marketing infrastructure that works. 

As a Boutique Service client, you experience the confidence of a coordinated effort.  You have access to the details of how and why actions work.  You know you are being understood.  To offer this, we limit our client base so you know you have our attention.

Our Edge: Managing this elegant combination of services requires expertise in media design, marketing and sales, which is why many companies instead focus on volume sales.  To separate ourselves from other small business marketing companies, we have a team of specialists who have woven the understanding of sales and conversion into all levels of our Boutique Service.  With these advantages, we are able to create a reliable, expertly-executed strategy that speaks uniquely for each individual client.

You know elegant…

Precise. Polished. Neat. Effective.

Beautifully efficient.

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Audience Development

Specialized practices know the importance of branding. Prior to social media, most practices promoted brand awareness with large, sustained mass media buys.  The idea is to introduce your identity and service to as many people as possible so they know your brand.  In this digital age we create brand awareness on a one-to-one, targeted basis.  So, if you want the new level of branding, you invest in Audience Development, which is more precision-targeted, more affordable and more adjustable for refined targeted audiences.   In a contemporary marketing strategy, Audience Development is a necessary cornerstone of a successful marketing strategy.

The Customer Journey

You cannot control how potential patients research you and your practice; you can only encourage and influence that process.  A person’s unique path to discover and research about the value of choosing your practice is as individual as the person themself.  To understand Content Marketing, you must embrace this idea. Through targeting and content development, we make vital information about your practice available in all the right places, at all the right times.  Our clients talk about an increase in prospective patients who are “ready to buy because they’ve done their research.”  That’s the effect caused by our clients influencing their new patients’ Customer Journeys.


There are benchmarks for success along the way, but we all want one thing: more, easier conversions. In our Boutique Service, this is where your web site and point-of-contact at the practice come into play. Clients who invest time into the Analysis aspect of our Boutique Service track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)which focus on evaluating the new traffic from Audience Building and resulting Customer Journeys to improve conversion.  KPIs range from everything to the localization of traffic, the improvement in organic search engine traffic to evaluating call conversion.  For a truly elegant and effective marketing program, we keep your practice focused on conversion.

“I can't recommend Dog Star Media highly enough as they are experts in designing and managing a full complement of sophisticated marketing strategies to help dental practices attain success. If you are trying to differentiate your practice and maintain a level of independence from insurance type care, you must have the correct messaging campaigns to draw attention, web traffic and new clients. I am proof you can even engage in a startup practice and achieve over a million dollars in practice revenue under 5 years.”