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The Key to Succesful Content Marketing

Reaching new prospective patients and connecting with them can be the biggest problems boutique dental and medical practices and fee-for-service practices face in marketing their practice.  This is why Dog Star Media focuses on content marketing.  Content marketing creates and shares relevant content out to a targeted, interested audience to build new relationships and keep existing relationships renewed and strong.

Marketers who consider content marketing, SEO and social media as separate individual strategies are behind the times. At Dog Star Media, we believe that together with SEO and social media, content marketing can change the game for small businesses and boutique practices.  This is why our SEO and social media programs are based on adding new content to clients’ websites, then connecting that content with a targeted, interested audience.

A strong content marketing strategy focuses on creating quality original content. Many businesses don’t see the point of creating custom content, but the social media users and search engines find new, relevant content vital and interesting. Here are just a few examples of the positive effects of adding new content to your website:



When you provide original, relevant, meaningful content to your consumers, the market begins to trust you and see you as not only the expert your title implies but as an authority in the field.


Original content, without a doubt, leads to higher rankings on search engines.


Platforms like Facebook can help turn casual visitors into prospective customers and eventually into loyal clients. Relevant and original quality content plays a key role in this strategy.


But it doesn’t end there. No matter how great the content is, if no one sees it, it’s useless. This is where social media and SEO tie into content marketing in a way that can take a singular approach and turn it into a wildly successful, multi-faceted campaign. Where content marketing, SEO, and social media converge creates a land of promise.

Here are the steps to combining them in their most basic, stripped-down form:


Step 1: Create original, quality content.

Step 2: Use SEO to get traffic to the content on your website.

Step 3: Share it on social media, which in turn brings more traffic to the content on your website.


Of course, if it were that easy everyone would be doing it. At Dog Star Media we are experts you can trust with your content strategies.  We find connections others don’t see and use metrics to enhance every step of our strategy. Using our unique approach to content marketing, we can help your practice find its voice and let it be heard. Call us today at 214-654-9180 and take the next step toward reaching your 2017 marketing goals.  

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