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New Web Site by Dog Star Media

Congratulations to Mayli Davis, MD on the launch of her new web site!   Dr. Davis’ new responsive, content managed web site is already generating an increase in traffic through organic searches and converting more visitors to phone calls in only a few weeks.  Why such a fast result?



Improved User Experience

Dr. Davis’ new site is responsive meaning it presents itself the best way based on the device used and browser size.  In other words, it always looks good, either on desktop, tablet or phone.  This eliminates the need for mobile site and streamlines your ability to keep all presentations of your site up to date. 


When the site always looks good, user experience statistics go up.  That means bounces go down, time on site goes up and the number of pages clicked per visit on average goes up.  When site users like what they see and find the site interesting calls and contacts go up.


Improved Code

If your site was designed before late 2012, it is not responsive.  Chances are, this is hurting you competitively online.  Today, web sites we design today use CSS 3 making the site responsive.  In addition to that, our web sites optimize better for many reasons because of CSS 3.  In the past few years, search engines have begun including site speed in relevance rankings, so CSS 3 helps sites improve rankings. 


If you are like every other site out there, your organic visits are your best visits judging by User Experience statistics.  If you have an outdated site (designed before 2013 or not responsive in general), a Dog Star Media web site can make a huge difference for your.  


Tracking Number

Dr. Davis is one of our many clients who use tracking telephone numbers to measure and evaluate incoming calls from her marketing investments.  No increase in calls can be measured without technological tracking.   If you ready to make real improvements in call conversions from your web site, Dog Star Media is offering special prices on web sites in August.  Ask on LinkedIn and earn an additional incentive.

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