Closed Loop Marketing and Your Missed Calls.

Closed Loop Marketing is a method of marketing that traces productivity and conversions from the point of first contact all the way through the closure of a sale. It requires specific technologies and... now here is the hard part... specific management and supervision to make corrections and adjustments to improve using the data that is generated.


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New Web Sites by Dog Star Media

Congratulations to three of our most loyal clients on the recent redesigns of their web sites.  They are:

David Buck, DDS, Seattle, WA:

Jay Appurao, MD, Lafayette, LA:

Carlos Pou, MD, San Juan, Puerto Rico:

Each redesigned their sites to support changes...

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A Lesson about Search Rankings

I’ve said it many times in this blog but SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be confusing and therefore can often be sold in a smokescreen. Our program at Dog Star Media focuses on traffic because that is what matters to you. It is also the one thing you cannot replicate or falsify or mask the lack of when it comes to search engines. ...

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Bad Review? Be Positive, Not Negative.

When you get a bad review on a public review site, it has numerous possible effects. Most people spend their energy being angry and offended at the bad review and they try to get it removed, which is a futile effort. Review sites will not take down reviews they deem legitimate, regardless of opinion.  The trick is fight it with positive...

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So, What is Essential to Marketing a Small Business

Dog Star Media offers four Essential Marketing Programs that form the basis of a solid marketing strategy for a small business, specifically a cosmetic medical or dental practice. The Essential Programs are:

Search Engine Optimization - SEO is one of the most misunderstood and therefore underutilized ways to promote your web site. Our SEO program...

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Another New Web Site by Dog Star Media

Congratulations to School Spirit Pays on the launch of their new web site this week.   The new site is a redesign by Dog Star Media and is designed in our recommended content manager software, Joomla. takes advantage of some of the many extensions we can build into a Joomla site.  On the front page you can see...

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New Web Site by Dog Star Media

Congratulations to Carlos Pou, MD on the launch of his newly re-designed web site. This cleaner, updated look for his cosmetic surgery practice in Puerto Rico is the cornerstone in his all-encompassing online marketing strategy that includes direct marketing, search engine optimization and a social networking strategy.

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New Service: Staff Productivity Development

Dog Star Media is proud to announce a new service beginning May 1.  For years, we have been asked to find an affordable way to help develop sales and marketing communication skills in your key staff members.  Now, as a new offering under our coaching program, we offer a self-paced Staff Productivity Development Training.  This...

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Opening a New Office?

If you are opening a new office, chances are you are considering a new web site, as well. For many doctors, this is a natural step. You’ve made a big investment in a new space and you want to show it off properly. In many cases, a new office and location is expected to lead to a strong surge in new business. And, part of developing that...

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New Web Site by Dog Star Media

We’d like to congratulate Dr. Jennifer Chou and Dr. Karen Hake on the launch of their newly designed web site for The Smiley Tooth Pediatric Dentistry. With a fun and colorful approach to pediatric dentistry, the new site is lively and perfect for the image of a caring dentist who is great with kids.

There are a lot of practices redesigning...

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Are You in Search Engines?

Unrealistic expectations are one of the biggest hurdles a business owner needs to cross when making decisions about marketing a web site online. There are many companies selling search engine optimization services that make promises that can easily be interpreted as a promise to make you #1 on the highest trafficked terms. Some even offer...

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Advice if You Are Thinking about a New Web Site

Nobody wants to go through the process of redesigning their web site but sometimes it is critical for business.  There are always good reasons to consider doing so including outdated design, outdated programming, a stale approach, increased competition, etc.  But all of those reasons are taking a back seat to the two most sweeping issue...

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Feeling Left Out of Social Media?

If you feel left out, you are not alone. Clearly, Social Media is the most important emerging media out there simply because of the groundswell of use. Where there are a lot of people, specifically a lot of people organized by a technology, there is a tremendous opportunity to convert that mass into business. So, if you are poking along making...

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Damage Caused by One Bad Review

A misunderstanding of how User Generated Content works can be devastating to a practice or business. You can define User Generated pretty simply.  It is anything written by an Internet user. This includes opinions posted on review sites and social mediums. And, when one person writes a bad review, it can influence many, many people.


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Biggest Mistake on Web Sites

Hands down, the biggest mistake we see on web sites is the failure to close the marketing loop. Most people are laser focused on how much web traffic they get on their site but they fail to follow the numbers all the way. By using a unique tracking telephone number on your web site. You know EXACTLY how many calls came from your web site because...

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The Biggest Misunderstanding in Social Media

Marketing cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dentistry over social media has reached a point of maturity. Know how I know that?   Most practices have tried and failed with a content-based approach.  That means a lot of people would like a solution that creates a social network for them but they realize that making Facebook and Twitter...

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New Web Site by Dog Star Media

We’d like to start the new year off by congratulating Daniel Morris, DO on his new web site, Dr. Morris designed this specialty site to support his vein practice in the mid-cities of Dallas/Fort Worth. The site is an HTML/Flash web site, built for both aesthetic appeal and for optimization.

We’ve received several new...

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What to consider in a new web site

If you are redesigning your web site in 2013, you need to think about the importance of using not only a content manager but the right content manager for your situation.  If you have a mobile and/or an iPad site, the number of people viewing your site is more than likely reaching a critical point where you need to be concerned with managing...

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New Solution for Social Media Marketing

Are you ready to do some REAL social networking... the kind that connects you with new people who are interested in what you have to offer?  Dog Star Media’s new Social Media Manager allows you to monitor the Internet in your marketing range for keywords used in social media conversations, blogs, forum and other places on the web where...

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Budgeting tips for 2013

I have heard it every day since Thanksgiving: “I am budgeting for 2013.”  I have two tips if you are doing this. First, don’t forget to make an investment in metrics. Second, consider monthly programs designed to give you slow and steady progress as a base on which you can build.

One of the biggest complaints I hear about...

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