Need a Service?

Sometimes you only need a specific service or to learn the value of a certain type of marketing. As small business experts, we can help with programs designed and scaled to support small business: Need something specific? Check out these Dog Star Media Essential Services:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Management
  • Coaching for Marketing
  • Virtual Sales Manager for Sales Training
  • Online Review Manager Program

Need Strategy & Execution?

When you are ready for a purposeful plan that includes marketing strategy and the execution of essential services, our expertise in marketing, media and sales will help. After an assessment, we will design a coordinated marketing/media/sales plan with benchmarks and metrics for easy evaluation that can include:

  • Internet Strategy
  • Web Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Management
  • Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy
  • Metrics and Conversion Analysis

Need Brand Development?

Brand development begins with one simple question: What makes you different? What we do with that answer will separate you from the competition and permeate every level of your communications. We leverage our expertise in communications, sales and design to make your image of difference into a fully functioning strategy.

  • Image of Difference Consultation
  • 360-degree Creative Brand Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • One-to-One Marketing
  • Vertical Marketing


Everything we do clarifies and educates.
We call it The Dog Star Way.

The Dog Star Way employs metric sciences and an unwavering commitment to creative, win-win sales communications.



Our work clarifies and educates. We do this through Essential Strategies and through Media Design. Every service we offer follows The Dog Star Way, clarifying your message and educating your market. If that is how you want your business to communicate, we
can help you.


Essential Services

There are some marketing services we consider essential to a successful marketing plan. Whether you use these services on a stand-alone basis or combine them into a sophisticated, elegant strategy, we think you need these essentials to be competitive:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Management
  • Reputation Management
  • Coaching and Analysis

Media Design

Every Dog Star Media design is custom-designed for our clients. You are unique and your message should be unique, too. We design in the most user-friendly standards: content managed, responsive web designs, graphically enhanced social content and brief, watchable video. It’s always clear. It always teaches.

  • Web Site Design and Development
  • Video Production
  • Before/After Patient Transformations
  • Social Media Content

Why Dog Star Media?

We are named after Sirius, The Dog Star, the brightest star in the southern sky. Ancient sailors used The Dog Star to navigate to fortune, then back home again. You can, too.
We are your Dog Star.



Dog Star Media helps small businesses. Over the years we have developed an expertise in marketing cosmetic surgical practices, elective or fee-for-service dental practices and other medical and dental practices. Our small businesses clientele ranges from technology company to engineering companies, from security and staffing businesses to mom and pop businesses. We like working with owners who are engaged visionaries. We are trustworthy as partners, will challenge clients to do better and point the way with accurate metrics and analysis.

Who are our clients? They are business owners with a passion for their business. If that’s you, contact us now.

Two clients just launched new web sites with Parallax Designs! Read all about it, see the sites and learn more...

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Proud to say that Smith Protective Services, the oldest and one of the most respected private security companies...

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Declaring the first week of the ABD Branding Campaign a complete success. The 12 members enrolled in the Soft...

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The Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry 2014 Branding Campaign has been launched!

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Our Team

Our mission is to help small businesses with an emphasis on the brilliance of simplicity. We believe in common sense and transparency in our approach to marketing. We are a privately-owned small business ourselves and we act like it. We employ caring, dedicated professionals, practice smart time management principles and use the technologies we recommend. Our top business priority is to develop mutually beneficial relationships with clients and promote our vision of productivity through balance.

Donald Griswold


Charlie Patric

Art Director

Holly Sanders

Lead Programmer

Phil Critelli

Reputation Management

Video Production

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New Parallax Websites Launched!

When someone sees a Parallax web site for the first time, the reaction is always the same: they want one for their business.   In January, Charlie Patric, our Art Director wrote a blog about design trends for 2014.  Parallax web sites topped the list and since then, all but a handful of designs selected by our clients have been parallax sites.  

Earlier this month, we launched two new Parallax sites for two of our clients:  David Hendrick, MD and Martin Abelar, DDS.  Parallax sites by Dog Star Media are both content managed and responsive.   Parallax, content managed, responsive… that means our sites are state-of-the-art.   Parallax sites have so many advantages for site optimization and for cultivating a better user experience.  But, after a year, the big attraction to Parallax design is the exciting graphic presentation and 3D feel.  Parallax designs are just more fun and exciting to view and that’s the best reason to choose it for your next redesign.

Parallax designs take a negative perception about web sites, namely a long scrolling page, and make it into a dramatic positive.  Parallax web sites scroll graphically, creating a 3-D effect and giving important points their own space in the big picture.  This sort of scrolling is popularly accepted now thanks to the prevalent use of smartphones and tablets.  Clearly, Parallax has more than a foothold as the next generation of web design.  How do you know?  Design companies are adopting it and so did we.  You can see our new Parallax front page at

If you know you need a new web site, make it Parallax.  And, yes, as usual, Dog Star Media has a year-end special.    We will mark out next two web sites down by $1500.  If you’re accountant just told you that you need to make a capital expense before the year is out, why not make it a Parallax web site.

If you are ready to discuss improving your web site and how it is found in search engines, please email me at

Nov 26 2014 Blog 158

New Web Site by Dog Star Media

Congratulations to Carlos Pou, MD on the launch of his newly re-designed web site. This cleaner, updated look for his cosmetic surgery practice in Puerto Rico is the cornerstone in his all-encompassing online marketing strategy that includes direct marketing, search engine optimization and a social networking strategy.

In addition to a more fresh...

Apr 16 2013 Blog 148

New Service: Staff Productivity Development

Dog Star Media is proud to announce a new service beginning May 1.  For years, we have been asked to find an affordable way to help develop sales and marketing communication skills in your key staff members.  Now, as a new offering under our coaching program, we offer a self-paced Staff Productivity Development Training.  This...

Apr 02 2013 Blog 4706

Opening a New Office?

If you are opening a new office, chances are you are considering a new web site, as well. For many doctors, this is a natural step. You’ve made a big investment in a new space and you want to show it off properly. In many cases, a new office and location is expected to lead to a strong surge in new business. And, part of developing that...

Mar 21 2013 Blog 1219

New Web Site by Dog Star Media

We’d like to congratulate Dr. Jennifer Chou and Dr. Karen Hake on the launch of their newly designed web site for The Smiley Tooth Pediatric Dentistry. With a fun and colorful approach to pediatric dentistry, the new site is lively and perfect for the image of a caring dentist who is great with kids.

There are a lot of practices redesigning...

Mar 14 2013 Blog 271


Amy Norman DDS

”We are beyond thrilled at the initial roll out of the new Patient Transformation project. Thanks for continuing to evolve with the times. If it weren't for DogStar I'd be 5+ years behind the times, and I'm being optimistic with that estimate!!!”

Mary Peterson, Office Manager, Dr. Jack Peterso

“I would highly recommend the professionals at Dogstar media. They helped bring our plastic surgery practice into the media age! When we stared with them we had 573 website visits- after a redesign and SEO support, by last month it was 1443 visits! My monthly coaching is a must for someone like me that is on the low tech side. I focus my dollars and understand what I am paying for and getting out of every dollar spent. Thank you Dogstar”

Angelo Cuzalina, MD, DDS Tulsa Surgical Arts
“The use of tracking numbers has dramatically changed the way we spend our advertising dollars. No longer will we ‘throw’ money at useless ads now that we can objectively see what our marketing is truly doing for us.”

Jan Karlin, MD
“I find that Donald Griswold from Dog Star Media to be "right on" in his assessment and knowledge of the internet and it's impact on the marketplace. He really knows what works and how to measure and quantify our marketing efforts to make them more effective. His coaching program has brought and continues to bring new ideas to our attention which ultimately result in enhanced revenues.”

Tony Raburn, President, The Technology Firm
“The Technology Firm has enjoyed tremendous benefit from our relationship with Dog Star Media. Their design services give us confidence that our electronic and print media remain ahead of our competition. Additionally, our firm relies heavily on their marketing services to continually refine our focus so that our efforts produce tangible results. They are an indispensable part of our team, giving us an advantage over our competition - and we have enjoyed record growth, even in this down economy. ”


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