• Mission Control

    Mission Control, the new website content manager from Dog Star Media, coordinates the development of your standard site, smartphone site and iPad site with one content manager.

    This means if you make a change using the content manager, it makes the change on all three sites at once. Ask about the additional benefits and features of a website built with Mission Control.

  • Mobile Websites

    Websites should look amazing regardless of whether the user is on a mobile device or a desktop computer.

    With more businesses going mobile, it is critically important that you do not lose visitors to your website because your competitors got ahead in the mobile website race. We can help you prepare your website for the mobile future.

  • Redesign Your Website

    Redesigning your website isn't just about changing the look and feel. Functionality, presentation, and how well they can be updated are all things prompting website redesigns.

    We can make your website an important part of your marketing strategy.

Essential Suite

The Essential Suite

The Dog Star Media Essential Suite combines the power of our four programs designed to turbo charge your business.

Essencials SEO


Search Engine Optimization

Essencials SMM


Social Media Management

Essencials COACHING


Marketing Advise form the Experts.


Reputation Management

Control Your Online Reputation

We call it The Dog Star Way. Everything we do clarifies and educates.

How do we do this? The Dog Star Way employs metric sciences and an unwavering commitment to creative, win-win sales communications.

Luckily, we work in marketing and our commitment benefits both our clients and their customers.  That’s a win-win. It’s how we operate. Our web sites, our Essential Marketing Programs, our video productions and our creative work in any medium all follow The Dog Star Way. Our work clarifies and educates. If that is how you want your business to communicate, we can help you.

Why Metrics?
Technology metrics supply facts. Guesswork wastes time, resources and opportunity. Every Dog Star Media Essential Marketing Program is tied to metric tools that help us understand results. Clarity. Education. With metrics, we can always get smarter and more efficient.

Metrics drive our Search Engine Optimization strategies, our Social Media strategy, our sales conversion strategies and our media design strategies.  How much do you want to understand your market? How much do you want to understand your customers? Our strategies do just that, using metrics.

Choosing the right metrics to guide you… now that’s when experience talks. It’s possible to measure the value of Search Engine Optimization many ways but we encourage clients to measure it in terms of web traffic.  Site visitors, especially organic site visitors…isn’t that what you really want? Clarity. We keep you focused on what is important.

Clear Messages
What’s more clear than the idea of Before & After? This concept shows change and value. Before & After is the foundation of our approach to Social Media. We turn that clarity into content in our Patient Transformation Social Media program, which tells the story of a medical or dental practice through patients’ excellent experiences. With some target marketing, our Patient Transformation Stories social content drives hundreds of web visitors each month for clients. We keep you focused on what’s important: Web visitors, not just “Likes” and “Follows.”
Creative Expression
Your marketing efforts don’t have to be a series of one-offs or a box of mix-and-match tools anymore. Custom design is necessary to express an image of difference. If someone else can use your presentation, you are failing to make the distinctive impression you deserve

For purposes of clarity, all Dog Star Media creative work is custom designed. During our 18 years of helping small businesses, Dog Star Media has become a recognized resource for cosmetic surgeons, cosmetic dentists and elective medical and dental practices. The sizzle of our media design may attract doctors and dentists but our substance is what keeps them as clients. We build in the substance by making the work unique to you, your practice and your business. 

Win-Win Communications
We all want transactions but if that is all a customer represents, then your business will always have to chase the market for more. What our clients really want is relationships. Those lead to transactions… a lot of them over a long period of time.

Our least expensive program is our most vital: The Virtual Sales Manager.  This program uses Tracking Telephone Numbers (typically a metrics tool for phone conversions) and creates a teaching environment focused on improving sales communication skills. Think you are getting a bunch of bad leads coming in?  Wrong. There is a way to nurture business out of a majority of your incoming calls. The Virtual Sales Manager trains your team and keeps them on point. Amazingly, the leads are more productive.

There’s more. A lot more. Click around inside our site to learn more about what we offer and how it applies to The Dog Star Media Way. We’ve worked with clients in almost every state in the USA and in nearly every province in Canada, so you will find nothing surprises us. We want you to know Dog Star Media is here to help.  

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